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Coming along…

Hello friends!

It’s been a busy time here and working hard on getting things fully going.

At the end of last month I played with Dream Alive at the Joint. The turnout was pretty good and the gig was fun. At the moment, the next gig with them is set on 18th July.
The band also released a couple of pictures from the latest photo shoot and the next step is going to be a music video. It’s gonna be a public event, so feel free to get some more information from Dream Alive facebook page.

On a newer note, I’m happy to announce that next month I’ll be starting rehearsals with a singer/songwriter Eric Stern. Really cool dude and has great songs. Check him out on Soundcloud :)

And of course, my personal project, RADIC. We have finished recording most of the tracks for our first 3 songs, which are going to be on our debut-EP. I can tell you now, that it’s gonna be called “Glimpse of the Beast”.
The tracks are just about ready to be mixed and all the production work that goes with the whole thing is being organised as well.

There is still a lot of work ahead, with all of the current projects, but we’re getting there.

Keep your eye on the updates and we should have cool stuff to present to you soon enough!

Rock n’ Roll!

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