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That summer…

Hey everyone!

I really hope you’re enjoying this summer and the weather as much as I do, because a lot of stuff is going on and the Sun smiling down on us definitely helps on all of that.

For the past few weeks I was out of LA, went to Estonia to get some new music done and take some time to relax at the same time. Had some awesome time there.

Since the main core of my band SILVERSTIQUE is in Estonia, we most definitely had to make the full use of it and so we ended up in studio for a couple of days and recorded the song “Let Me Hear You Speak”. We’ve had recordings and videos of that song (even on this site right now), but we never had the chance to record it in studio. Also, we sat down and wrote/recorded a totally new song, I’m not even sure what the title is going to be yet, but if you guys like Silverstique, then those two songs are definitely something to wait for.
Right now Helen and Martti are working to get the vocal and guitar tracks in and then I think my great buddies from RADIC, Will and Raz are gonna fill in on the bass and lead guitar, so it’s safe to say we’re all pretty excited about this.

Another huge thing I’m working on right now is RADIC’s upcoming EP “Glimpse OF The Beast”. As the band is currently 3-piece band with no singer, we asked Helen from Silverstique to help us out with one of the songs. So when I was back in Estonia, we went in and recorded those vocal tracks.
Currently, the 3 songs are being mixed and hopefully we have them in a couple of weeks. Then we finalise the package (artwork etc) and release it.
Yet again, super excited about releasing this and can’t wait for all of you to hear it.
Before the EP comes officially out, we’re gonna put out a little trailer as well to give you a glimpse of “Glimpse Of The Beast” 😉

About a week back, another band that I’m playing with, DREAM ALIVE, released a music video and a couple of days later we played a live show at the KING KING in Hollywood. It was a great show with great friends and couple of other bands. Definitely a great way to release the video.
You can find the video on this youtube page:
Keep an eye on this page to see when and where the band is going to play next :)

This week has been and continues to be really busy for me.. Had a couple of auditions and rehearsals with different bands and artists and I really hope to be able to announce some new upcoming gigs really soon, so make sure you keep your eye on the “gigs” page 😉

I will most certainly will be updating this site some more in the upcoming future and will let you know asap when I get any new info about any of the projects and bands I’m playing with.

Be good and let’s make the best of this “Rock-n-roll-Summer” !
Talk soon!

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