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Hello friends!

It’s been a very busy last couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to write here any sooner, but all is well, because a lot of cool stuff has gone down and of course about to come.

About a week ago my band SILVERSTIQUE released a brand new single and music-video “Feel So Bad”. The band is really happy with how it all turned out and we’ve received a lot of very good feedback on it as well, so we’re very happy and grateful for that!

You can find the video right HERE and feel free to send your friends towards that way as well 😉


This week has been a very productive with the band WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN. Had a couple of rehearsals with them in Ventura to prepare for the show that we had this Thursday at the Whisky A GoGo.

The show went really well and that kicked off our spree of live shows we have coming up in LA area. Really looking forward to it.

Definitely go check them out on THEIR FB PAGE.

WOATTS rehearsal in Ventura 9.04.14  1

WOATTS live@Whisky (10.04.14) billboard


Yesterday, on Friday I had good time with DREAM ALIVE for their photo-shoot. The band has hired a publicist and their gonna do an extensive promotion for the new music-video and most of all, the new EP.

DA Photoshoot (11.04.14) 2

DA Photoshoot (11.04.14) 3

For these next few days I will be doing some more Video and Photo-shoots with CANDYBOY, a new popband that I’m in.

And then it’s time for the tour with TIJUANA BULLFIGHT!
I’ll try to keep updating my sites about the tour as well.


Other than the super exciting stuff happening with all the bands and projects, I’ve been dealing with my Visa situation as well. I can tell you that they don’t make it easy 😀
For the past month or so I’ve been collecting all kinds of material and paperwork to get things going. I recently hired an attorney to help me set everything up and make sure the whole process is done right.
It’s pretty nerve wrecking, but I’m staying positive since I do have a lot of good stuff to present towards it.
Of course I’ll keep you posted about that as well.

Please check out all the new music by all my bands and keep an eye on them.. there’s lots more to come!

But for now, Enjoy your weekend and I shall talk again soon!

Rock N’ Roll!

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