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Carrie Underwood – “Two Black Cadillacs” DrumCover!

Happy Monday everybody!

Let’s kick the new week off with a new cover.

Carrie Underwood… one of my favorite Country/Country-Rock singers right now and this song really stands out with its drum-parts – it hits hard and it grooves hard.. perfect for a DrumCover.

Big emphasis is playing groove on the toms.. It just gives the depth and dynamic to the whole song. Especially when it eventually breaks out and goes to the Ride-cymbal.
I really suggest to pay attention to all the details on how the tom-grooves change – How the backbeat switches between different beats in the measure etc…

So here it is, my take on “Two Black Cadillacs”

Rock n Roll!

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Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” DrumCover

Hey everyone!

It’s been a week and it’s time for another DrumCover.
This time I chose Taylor Swift’s groovy “Shake It Off” – feel free to jump up and just move along with the tune :)

The main groove sounds simple, but when you start looking at it, there’s surprisingly many elements in it which isn’t that common in today’s popmusic anymore. The 2-bar phrase, varying with the kick and rim/stick click layered on top of it gives it more flow and depth I think.

I wasn’t trying to figure out every single detail when I recorded this cover, but rather just go with the groove and just feel it out (or shake it off?).

On the second chorus I went to the Ride cymbal to take the groove forward. I guess when you’re having to watch and listen to the drummer play the song, it’s good to bring some changes in. Coupled with some fills I think it works well.

If this song doesn’t make you smile or move your foot along, I’m not sure what will :)

Due to some technical issues I’m not able to add the DrumChart at this time, but will do it as soon as I get my systems going.

Thanks for checking out my blog and the video, there’s more to follow very soon!

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