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Hello everyone!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably seen at least one of my recent DrumCover videos as well.
I put out my first DrumCover video late last year and have 7 of them out on my youtube channel right now with plenty of more to come!

It seems that quite a lot of people don’t really understand the concept of drum covers, yet there’s a huge field of them on youtube with plenty of viewers. It’s a curious thing, because I’m not really sure what makes them so popular. Might be a new point of view for people that don’t normally pay attention to what the drummers are doing on the songs that we all know and love – who knows :)

I’m currently working on my brand new solo project which I’m really hopeful for, but it’s a rather time consuming process so it might be a little while before I’m able to put out my first piece of music.
Also, the recording gigs, that I’ve been doing aren’t for me to share before they’re released properly so I don’t know when I might be able to share any of that work.

So for me the choice was to take up drum covers. There are so many ways to record drum covers and I’m lucky to be able to use a local studio to get a great sound of the drums and with the help of my close friends, get it all on camera as well!

The main question I ask myself when I do these recordings (especially when it’s a popsong) is how should I approach to playing it. Many of them have programmed percussion track with effects etc. My options are to mimic the original as much as possible or to add some more live drumming aspects to it (possibly making the song feel a bit more rocking). The first option might be cool for recording purposes, but might be really dull to look at when you’re stuck with the “drummer-view” for the whole song. The second option is probably more exciting to look at, but might turn off some viewers/listeners who’ve been used to hearing the original track. Choices…Choices..

Hopefully as people come to see more of my videos they will start giving me more feedback on what they would like to see and which songs I should be covering in the future. Feel free to share these videos around :)
As for now, let’s have some fun with those songs and jam along!

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