Touching base

Hey everyone!

This past month or so have been pretty busy over here. All the bands and projects I play with are working hard to release some new material and start doing live shows.

I’m glad to say that things are coming together and I have already scheduled quite a few shows for the end of the month and in March too. I will probably have more coming in March.
Keep an eye out for my “GIGS” section of the site to see who, when and where.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES, DREAM ALIVE & SILVERSTIQUE are all getting ready to release their musicvideos.
So far only Rooftop R. has a set date of 16th March to release the video at the live show at House Of Blues. Hopefully other two will follow soon after. I’ll keep you posted.

RR video shoot:
Rooftop videoshoot (14.12.13) 2

Dream Alive video shoot:
DA videoshoot See You Tonight (27.10.13) 21

Silverstique video shoot:
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.41.38 PM


STEVE SMITH BAND is also booking shows to continue promoting the singer Steve Smith’s album.
The band has a new bass player Woody, who’s really a great player and alongside with James Zota Baker, the band sounds better than ever. I’m super happy to play with them.

The newest band I’m playing for TIJUANA BULLFIGHT has a album release show coming up in Ventura. Gonna be a fun night.
They’re also planning for a tour in April. I will post the details here once I have them.

Eric Stern’s “RADIO TEST FIRE” has a few shows coming up all over LA area.

Definitely check them out on facebook and come say hi, when we play out. As I said, lots more shows are coming up. Exciting times!

With my pet project RADIC, things are a bit slower, but we are still pushing it forward. We haven’t found a singer yet, but we have an idea that could possibly work it out.. You’ll be the first to know, once we get it going.
Our bass player Will Weiner just left for a tour to England with his other band Symmetry. Me and the guitarist Raz will take care of the songwriting and all the other stuff until he’s back. Wish him all the best for his first bigger tour!

There’s a lot of stuff going on with all of the projects and things will take up even more from here. Looking forward to all of that and new opportunities that may come in my way. Playing drums professionally and getting to play with all those different people is awesome and there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I will post all the new stuff here as soon as I have them.

Rock n’ Roll!

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