Challenge of Frankenstein!

Hey guys!

Some crazy stuff happening in my life and music right now and I will make other posts about some awesome news separately soon!

This post, however, is about the latest recording and a side-challenge that I put up for myself.

My band Radic recorded a cover of Edgar Winter’s classic instrumental “FRANKENSTEIN”.
When we had the form set, I decided to write a complete chart for the drum-parts. I sat down with the ideas from the rehearsals and came up with a detailed part note by note and wrote it down. Figuring out how to write some patterns and fills wasn’t all easy, but it was super fun to do.

Once I had the chart, the challenge of actually playing all those same notes (even the ghost notes) every time, was a new thing for me since I always change up my fills and stuff. But within a week of having the chart, I had to go to the studio and record it and I loved it 😀

I made a short video discussing and describing the process of it all and added the recording video from the studio as well.

You can also see and download the chart in pdf from this link:

Please check it out and feel free to contact me with any questions/comments.

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