Whiplash, Timekeepers & Stanley Love

Hey guys!

I’m super excited to share this with you!

Last year, some time in November, if I remember correctly, I was asked to do an interview for a short documentary about drummers, drumming and sorts.

That documentary is “Timekeepers” on the “Whiplash” blu-ray special features section. The blu-ray was released 24th February this year.
If you’re at all interested in drums, music or movies, you should know “Whiplash”. Great movie and it has definitely gotten the attention/praise it deserves.

I’m extremely grateful to be a part of this documentary alongside with the all-time drumming greats like Simon Phillips, Peter Erskine, Chad Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Gregg Bissonette, Doane Perry, Roy McCurdy, Kate Schellenbach and Ryan Brown. I’m humbled and happy that I was asked to do this interview.

Big thanks to the people who made this documentary – there can never be enough spotlight on drummers, haha!

If you haven’t already, go and get that “Whiplash” blu-ray TODAY!!!


Stanley Love screenshot - Whiplash, Timekeepers 1

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