Times of Changes

Hello friends!

So for the past year it’s been rather interesting.
My studies for the Music Education Masters Degree picked up some pace and with the sessions and shows the website fell behind a bit.

Haven’t done a lot of DrumCovers lately – been thinking of a new approach…keeping fingers crossed it will pan out.

Other than that been keeping myself busy teaching drums both in childrens music-school and also at the University. It’s my first time I’ve done teaching aside of private lessons. Loving the experience and challenge of it.

So now that we have the unimportant stuff out of the way 😉
I actually wanted to throw out a thought I’ve been wondering about.

I’ve been back in Estonia for about 2 years after spending over 3 years in Los Angeles studying and working as a session musician.
Things are going well with the teaching jobs and gigging, but there aren’t too many international touring gigs for session guys like me and I kind of miss that.
So what would be my options in perhaps returning to LA scene?

Right now, I don’t have an answer to that, but it’s where my head is at and once I’m closer to any kind of development in that area, I will definitely post here too.
I’d love to hear about people who are wondering about that too and put up a conversation on it.

In the mean time, I’ll keep you all posted with upcoming stuff.
But if you want to see more daily stuff too then that would be on facebook.com/stanleylovedrums and instagram StanleyLoveDrums.

Talk again soon. Be good!

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