Happy New Year!!

Can’t wait to get back to making music and rocking hard!

Best wishes to all!

Studio session (23.11.13) Ultimate Studios 1

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Introducing: The Beautiful Monster aka my new drum-set!

Hi again friends!

Happy Halloween! A little while back I posted here that I got new drums and put a little sneak peek picture as well.
I got my good friend Irving Ong to take a couple of pictures of it and thought I’d share some details about it.

It’s a DW Collectors series with all Maple shells and White Lacquer finish.

Bass drum: 24″x20″ (dia. x depth) – VLX+ shell configuration
Rack tom: 10″x10″ – X-shell configuration
Rack tom: 13″x13″ – X-shell configuration
Rack tom: 14″x14″ – X-shell configuration
Floor tom: 16″x16″ – VLX shell configuration
Floor tom: 18″x16″ – VLX shell configuration
GONG-drum: 21″x16″ – VLX+ shell configuration

Snare drum: 14″x6,5″ – Titanium.

Piccolo snare: 10″x5″ – PEARL Firecracker – Steel. I’ve owned the piccolo for a few years already, but I like it a lot and I knew I had to set it up with the rest of them.

*The shell configurations for the wood-shell drums are best explained on DW website, but basically they have different options how the veneer layers (the grain of the wood) is laid out. For example with the X-shells the grain runs diagonally making the drum sounding deeper and lower. VLX-shells are switched between diagonal and vertical layers. That gives the shell even lower tone, which is why it’s recommended for larger sizes.

DW drums 3

This set-up has been in the works in my head for many many years. Being more of a rock player I’ve been always drawn to bigger sizes and I’ve always tried to find ways to fit those sizes comfortably. The main issue was how to get the rack toms lower since I like them almost flat/no angle. The bass drum has always been in the way of doing that.

Then last year at NAMM show I saw ABE LABORIEL JR. DW kit. After realising what he’s done with his set-up I knew I had to use the same idea on my new set. I was able to piece together and test my idea by borrowing some pieces from friends and stuff, and it worked out great. And from that point on the idea just grew and eventually I decided to go all-out and get the Custom set. At least I don’t have to buy another set for the rest of my life (hopefully) so I take it as an investment 😛

So here’s what is different and what is not different about this kit. The main difference and the reason why it looks so weird at first is the fact that the bass drum is on the left side (from the players perspective). I’m still right handed, so I’m now using a Lefty double pedal and the slave-pedal is now my main pedal. I’ve been asked about the pedal feel, but it’s not that different. My right foot is stronger anyway so it’s able to adapt to whatever difference there is, but it’s not much and I don’t have any problems playing everything the same way like I did with the main pedal before.

DW drums 14

So because the bass drum is out of the way I’m able to use my deep 13×13 and 14×14 toms as rack toms and mount them as low as I want. Right now the elevation from the snare to the toms are maybe 3 inches.

The layout of all the drums as far as my playing goes is still very normal. The snare is right between my legs, 2 rack toms up front and 2 floor toms on my right side. If you try to picture a 2 bass drum kit in your mind then my kit is basically just that except the bass drum on the right side is a slave pedal instead. And the rack toms aren’t mounted on top of the bass drum.

DW drums 1

The tricky part was to figure out the placement of the kick pedal that now attaches to the bass drum and the hi-hat stand. I always consider the hi-hat more important and priority compared to the left kick pedal. That’s why I always put the kick on the outside and hi-hat inside closer to the snare. Other way around would just move the hi-hat too far away and I’m just not comfortable to play like that.
The solution was actually better that I thought it would be. I was able to find a solid rubber plate (about an inch thick) which I attach under the kick pedals base-plate. It raises the pedal just enough for me to run the axel between the main pole of the hi-hat stand and the hi-hat legs. By lifting the left pedal I actually brought it closer to me in some ways and it’s now even more comfortable to switch from the hi-hat to the left kick.
The hi-hat stand is clamped to the bass drum rim with the special clamp. Just so I don’t have to use the legs on it and can fit both pedals right next to each other.


As far as the Piccolo/side snare and the 10″ tom goes… the Piccolo has been in that position basically the whole time so I didn’t see a reason to change it. And the 10″ tom seemed like a great fit right next to it. I tried a couple of different options, but this one seemed the most comfortable and logical for my playing. I’m not really using the tom for regular fills and rolls. It’s more of an extra sound and accent in specific moments in music.


The GONG-drum is a completely new thing for me and I’m still getting used to it. So far it seems that it fits the best at the end of the tom-line to finish the fills on or something. I love the sound of it though.. just when you need that super low and rumbling hit…

I’m using all REMO Powerstroke 4 heads except for the snare which is a REMO Controlled Sound. REMO Ambassadors on the bottom.
I’ve always used the Pinstripe before, but I really like the P4’s.

Most of the hardware is DW 9000 series. I’m using a Pearl Snare stand for the Piccolo and extra low Pearl Snare stands for the 13″ and 14″ rack toms. DW doesn’t make a snare stand that’s low enough for those toms. I’m also using a Yamaha small-boom cymbal stand. I’ve had it for a long time with my other kits and because DW stand is also too high for the Ride cymbal then I’m just using Yamaha’s to make things simpler for myself.

I use all Meinl cymbals. Mostly Mb20’s, but I wanna get a couple of traditional finish Byzance’s in the mix.
2 of the crashes on the pictures are broken and are there for the illustration purposes mostly 😀 Which I do intend to replace for the Byzances, like I mentioned.
Right now I’m using:
15″ Mb20 Heavy Soundwave hi-hats
19″ Mb20 Heavy Crash
20″ Mb20 Heavy Crash
22″ Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride
18″ Mb20 Rock China

DW drums 6

DW drums 2

DW drums 15

DW drums 11

DW drums 10

Pictures were taken by my good friend Irving Ong.

If you have any questions or comments about the drums, feel free to contact me on facebook, email or if it’s urgent then on the phone is probably fine too 😀
I can’t wait to put some new recordings and videos up with this set. It’s my dream drum-kit and I’m so lucky to have it.

*If there’s any of you still looking and finding their perfect set-up, all I can suggest is that there aren’t many things to bare in mind, but a few important ones:
COMFORT/ergonomics: You have to feel comfortable sitting behind your drum-set. Set your distances and angles in a way that you’re able to hit them with equal strenght and technique. Be able to move around the pieces for versatility and in a way that your body stays relaxed.
SOUND/STYLE: Figure out what kind of drums and surfaces you use most and place them accordingly. For an example, like I mentioned earlier how I place my left kick pedal outside from the hi-hat pedal, because I use hi-hat more often and it’s important for me to have the hi-hat cymbals as well as the pedal closer to me for better access.
VISUAL/APPEARANCE: Even though the first 2 points are way more important than this one, but don’t forget, You’re still an entertainer. People come to a concert expecting to see something great. No one is interested in seeing a drum-set that hasn’t been taken care of or that is laid out so randomly that no one can make sense of what it is. Drums are meant to work together as a unit so it should look as one. For example, I’ve always loved the look when the cymbals and toms are horizontally level and especially with cymbals, when they’re lower (as opposed to the 80’s hard rock style of having the cymbals sky-high). You have to find the BALANCE between what is compatible with your playing (comfort/sound) and what looks good and would catch peoples attention.
VISION: Have a good idea of what kind of drummer you want to be. There are so many techniques and styles, and it’s great to be proficient in as many as possible, but “if something is good for everything then it’s not good for anything”. Know what kind of sound you want you and your drums to have – the rest will follow in time with experimenting and searching :)

*Look what your favourite drummers are doing and how they set up their drums. Try to understand their logic behind it and mess around with your own kit. Try different angles, placements etc. Just like I happened to see another drummer using the idea of having the bass drum on the left side, which was the solution what I was trying to find all this time. If you know what you’re looking for then sooner or later you’ll find it :) And don’t forget to have fun!

Hopefully really soon I have some more stuff to share with you guys!

Rock N’ Roll!

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New release

Happy 1st of September, everyone!

I am super excited to announce that my friend and bandmate Raz Azraai ( razazraaimusic.com, facebook.com/razazraai ) has released his first single of his solo project.

I’ve been really glad to be a part of it as playing drums and supporting my close friend in this journey. It’s been a lot of fun doing it and seeing this thing come together.

The work won’t end here, however. The plan is to release a full album, so definitely check out his sites and look for new stuff to come up!

Here’s the single “I Feel Alive”. Check it out 😉

I Feel Alive Raz Azraai (Solo project)

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New Drum-set (vol 1)

Good morning, friends!

I am extremely excited to share this with you – A couple of days ago I received my brand new custom drum-set from DW factory.

It’s the first time I’ve had a custom set in this extent, in order to put it together in exactly the way I wanted.
Even then I had a few details I needed to work out on my own to match everything, but now I’m 90% there 😉

I’m gonna post another post very soon with way more pictures and detailed information about the whole thing so keep a look out :)

Here’s a first look of the new drums on the DW facebook page

And here’s the first look of the drums set up:


Stay tuned for more and rock on!

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Things, Thoughts & TOUR

Happy 1st of May everybody!

The weather over here in LA has cleared up and someone moved the Arizona heat here for a little bit. I love it.. I wish it could stay like this for the rest of the year.

Last few weeks have been pretty busy and there’s a lot of anxiety in the air.. Most of it is the best kind though 😉

The main event of it was of course my tour with TIJUANA BULLFIGHT. It was about 2 weeks in total and we went through Tempe, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah, Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California.

For one, the tour was really cool. The big worry in everyone’s mind is always, how well it’s gonna go with staying in small spaces with the same people for extended amounts of time. That was definitely one of the main thing that a lot of my teachers at Musicians Institute told me that when bands and artists are looking for musicians to play live shows and to go on tours with, then the deciding factor is not the playing, but the personality. If you’re a cool guy to hang out with, but aren’t maybe the best player of the people auditioning then you will still be chosen rather than the guy who is an exceptional player, but not as easy to be around with. No one wants drama and complications on tour and you have to be as easygoing as possible, when it comes to touring :)

I’m happy to say that with those guys, there was no worry what so ever. They’re super cool and fun to hang out with and that’s a big part of making the tour successful.

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 1

The places that we played were mostly local rock n’ roll bars where you can see right away that there’s some SERIOUS rocking gone over those stages 😛
They’re all relatively small places, but that is not the point of them at all..

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 31

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 32

Of course everything has its problems as well… When playing in small venues like that, then often you find that there’s no backstage room or any other area where to put all your gear before you set it up on stage. So what ends up happening is that especially the drummer, since he’s got the most pieces to put together and that takes the most time, then you’d have to pre-set everything outside the venue – on the street. My biggest worry was that I was trying to keep an eye on all of the bags and cases once I had everything out..
Unfortunately there is no way out of it unless you’re playing in bigger venues.

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 8

Here comes the top tip of the day! Be prepared to kill a lot of time! In the typical situation that we encountered on this tour, since we drove by car and hauled a trailer with our gear, then we didn’t have the option of just pull over anywhere and relax. After waking up in the morning we spent at least 6-7 hours on the road to get to the next city. Looking at the sights by the highway is nice, but the drive is still pretty hard on the body.
Then usually you’d get to the new place early (just in case), before the venue even opens and you’re left hanging.. Not enough to check into a room, but too long to just wait it out in the car. Starbucks with their free WIFI is quite helpful in these situations 😀 it’s the only place that allows public loitering 😀
If you like to read, bring lots of books, music on your phone/mp3 player or something like that. At this point any entertainment solution is good to have.

Another good tip is to bring items that would make you feel the most like home. Pillow and a blanket are good to have. Even if you’re not picky about sleeping with different pillows at motels and such, then after a week of doing so, your neck will start to feel the strain and that just wears you out…you’d get tired very quickly and every day is more and more difficult to get by. 2 weeks is manageable and it depends on the person, but after the first week it would start sinking in..
Comfortable clothes and shoes would be nice to have :)

On this tour I didn’t have my pillow, but I had a random blanket with me. I didn’t think it would matter much for 11 days, but my body wasn’t used to the positions, situations etc and I felt tired and oh, it was SO good to be back. So when you’re leaving on tour for more than a week, think very hard of your in-house habits and comfort. Obviously you can’t bring your bed, but having key-items with you could make the biggest difference!

So a couple of mention-worthy situations:

The third stop of the tour was in Las Vegas by the Hard Hat bar. It was a last minute show that the band was able to book, so we didn’t have too much information on it before we got there. Turned out that the show was going to be on a stage-bus that was parked in the parking lot of the bar. The bus opened up and the stage got to be a surprisingly decent sized. I’ve never played on a stage-bus before. Nor have I ever played on a stage that would move around as much. The suspension was quite soft on it so it was rocking quite hard – like the band playing on it 😉
It didn’t bother the playing too much, but interesting experience never the less.

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 7

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 9

The other funny situation happened in Seattle, Washington when we were looking for a motel after our show. It was past 2am and it proved to be more difficult that one would imagine. At least 4 motels in the area had a light in the office on and the sign “OPEN” was bright light, but there was no one in there and the doors were locked.
At one of those places our singer went to try the door, but when it was locked he tried knocking… suddenly, under a huge pile of blankets on the couch in the office, a guy lifts his head up…when our singer asked about getting a room, the only reply he got was a upset hand gesture to just go away. And the guy hid under the blankets again… I’m still amazed how someone can allow missing out business like that..

And finally..since we were in Seattle, we had to drive by the legendary Space Needle :)

Tijuana Bullfight April'14 TOUR 33

So this was my little overview on the first tour with TIJUANA BULLFIGHT. Hopefully there is going to be more of those very soon and a lot is going on with the other bands as well, so please keep an eye on that stuff and I will be most happy to see you guys at our shows.

Thanks a lot for checking it out and talk again soon!

Rock n’ Roll

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Music, Drums, Music, Drums and Drums

Hello friends!

It’s been a very busy last couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to write here any sooner, but all is well, because a lot of cool stuff has gone down and of course about to come.

About a week ago my band SILVERSTIQUE released a brand new single and music-video “Feel So Bad”. The band is really happy with how it all turned out and we’ve received a lot of very good feedback on it as well, so we’re very happy and grateful for that!

You can find the video right HERE and feel free to send your friends towards that way as well 😉


This week has been a very productive with the band WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN. Had a couple of rehearsals with them in Ventura to prepare for the show that we had this Thursday at the Whisky A GoGo.

The show went really well and that kicked off our spree of live shows we have coming up in LA area. Really looking forward to it.

Definitely go check them out on THEIR FB PAGE.

WOATTS rehearsal in Ventura 9.04.14  1

WOATTS live@Whisky (10.04.14) billboard


Yesterday, on Friday I had good time with DREAM ALIVE for their photo-shoot. The band has hired a publicist and their gonna do an extensive promotion for the new music-video and most of all, the new EP.

DA Photoshoot (11.04.14) 2

DA Photoshoot (11.04.14) 3

For these next few days I will be doing some more Video and Photo-shoots with CANDYBOY, a new popband that I’m in.

And then it’s time for the tour with TIJUANA BULLFIGHT!
I’ll try to keep updating my sites about the tour as well.


Other than the super exciting stuff happening with all the bands and projects, I’ve been dealing with my Visa situation as well. I can tell you that they don’t make it easy 😀
For the past month or so I’ve been collecting all kinds of material and paperwork to get things going. I recently hired an attorney to help me set everything up and make sure the whole process is done right.
It’s pretty nerve wrecking, but I’m staying positive since I do have a lot of good stuff to present towards it.
Of course I’ll keep you posted about that as well.

Please check out all the new music by all my bands and keep an eye on them.. there’s lots more to come!

But for now, Enjoy your weekend and I shall talk again soon!

Rock N’ Roll!

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Updates, Yet again!

Hey everyone!

If you checked out my upcoming shows after my last post then you know that you should do that regularly, because shows happen now pretty often and new stuff is coming to the list all the time.

Just a minute ago I posted another one, which I admit, I was a bit lazy to put up, but still.. A show with RADIO TEST FIRE is happening THIS Thursday 27th at the Redwood Bar in Downtown LA. I guess I don’t have to say that it’s gonna be fun. Come by, say hi and enjoy some good music!

Exciting shows are coming up with WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN. They are currently putting together details with their manager and a new booking agent so it’s super exciting to hear what they’re gonna come up with. As I mentioned in my last post then I do have shows booked with them already allover LA area, so definitely check it out!

Last week I had a 4-day rehearsing session with those guys to go over the set and get ready for gigging. Everything came together nicely and I can’t wait to get on stage!



At my last show with ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES at the House Of Blues, they premiered their new music video “FOLK DEVILS”.
The video is now up and you can find it on my page as well – “VIDEOS -> FEATURED BANDS”
I’ll put a direct link here as well: http://stanleylovedrums.com/?page_id=335

The other bands that I play with have shows coming up as well, which I can’t be more excited about. Come check us out!

As soon as anyone releases new material or have more shows coming up, I’ll post it here as well.. There is a lot of stuff to come so keep your eyes open 😉

But in the mean time… Keep up the Rock N’ Roll !

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Recording, Shows & Tours

Hey everyone!

These past couple of weeks have been really exciting and busy so I thought I’d post about that here as well.

If you haven’t checked out my “GIGS” section then you should definitely do that.
A LOT of great shows are coming up with different bands and I could not be more excited about all of them!

About a week ago I had a great show with DREAM ALIVE at the House Of Blues main stage. It was one of the best shows I’ve played with this band. The sound happened to be very good on stage that night and it just made it that much more enjoyable to play.
They’ve been inquiring for a show on 28th April at the House Of Blues: Foundation Room, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Will put it on my “GIGS” page as soon as it clears.
The first mixes of the new recordings have been coming in as well, so releasing the new EP is getting closer and closer.

Dream Alive @ House of Blues (2014)

Tomorrow I have a show with STEVE SMITH BAND at the HoB: Foundation Room. We start playing at 9pm I believe and it should be a fun night.
I’ve mentioned it before here, but it’s worth repeating it.. James Zota Baker is on the guitar and Brad “Woody” Smith on bass.
Playing with such talented and seasoned professionals is just pure joy.


RADIO TEST FIRE has also a couple of shows coming up in the Valley. Great songwriting, vocal harmonies, instrumental parts… Feels good to play and it’s definitely a great music to listen to! Come check us out when you get a chance!

My Estonian band SILVERSTIQUE is still on the way releasing their new Single “Feel So Bad”. The single will be released with a brand new video, so we’re all very excited about that. We got the song mastered last week and it sounds great. Just need to do some final touches on the video and it’s gonna be up in no time!
Keep your eyes open for that!

ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES is playing a show at the House Of Blues main stage THIS Sunday the 16th! It is also the bands new music video premiere!
It’s a FREE show, so hit me up for tickets – No Excuses!


Our bass player of RADIC, Will Weiner, has successfully finished his Tour with Symmetry and is back in LA. We have started the process of finishing up and recording 6 brand new songs.
Helen Leetsar of Silverstique is gonna help us out with recording the Vocals and after that it’s only a matter of time before we will be out gigging! Can’t wait.

April is an extremely exciting month for TIJUANA BULLFIGHT. I will be going on Tour with them. It’s a total of 11 days, but we’re planning on covering quite a bit of ground.
The exact times and places are yet to be announced, but the dates are set so keep checking either my site or the bands site to see where and when you can come see us play!

And the latest news is about WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN. I played a couple of shows with them late last year. They’ve been busy recording and setting up new material to get ready for a whole new set of show dates and they’re looking to book a tour after those. Due to other obligations I wasn’t able to go into studio with them, but I’m super happy to say I will be playing with them live again. The first show is set on 10th April at the Whisky A GoGo.
One of the bigger shows is going to be 17th May where WOATTS is going to open for VOLTO featuring Danny Carey (TOOL) on drums.
As with other bands and shows, keep looking at the “GIGS” page to find out the dates and places.


I’m glad to say that the schedule is nice and busy. I’m able to play with all these great musicians and it’s only forward from here!
Not bad… Not bad at all 😉

Rock N’ Roll!

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Touching base

Hey everyone!

This past month or so have been pretty busy over here. All the bands and projects I play with are working hard to release some new material and start doing live shows.

I’m glad to say that things are coming together and I have already scheduled quite a few shows for the end of the month and in March too. I will probably have more coming in March.
Keep an eye out for my “GIGS” section of the site to see who, when and where.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES, DREAM ALIVE & SILVERSTIQUE are all getting ready to release their musicvideos.
So far only Rooftop R. has a set date of 16th March to release the video at the live show at House Of Blues. Hopefully other two will follow soon after. I’ll keep you posted.

RR video shoot:
Rooftop videoshoot (14.12.13) 2

Dream Alive video shoot:
DA videoshoot See You Tonight (27.10.13) 21

Silverstique video shoot:
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.41.38 PM


STEVE SMITH BAND is also booking shows to continue promoting the singer Steve Smith’s album.
The band has a new bass player Woody, who’s really a great player and alongside with James Zota Baker, the band sounds better than ever. I’m super happy to play with them.

The newest band I’m playing for TIJUANA BULLFIGHT has a album release show coming up in Ventura. Gonna be a fun night.
They’re also planning for a tour in April. I will post the details here once I have them.

Eric Stern’s “RADIO TEST FIRE” has a few shows coming up all over LA area.

Definitely check them out on facebook and come say hi, when we play out. As I said, lots more shows are coming up. Exciting times!

With my pet project RADIC, things are a bit slower, but we are still pushing it forward. We haven’t found a singer yet, but we have an idea that could possibly work it out.. You’ll be the first to know, once we get it going.
Our bass player Will Weiner just left for a tour to England with his other band Symmetry. Me and the guitarist Raz will take care of the songwriting and all the other stuff until he’s back. Wish him all the best for his first bigger tour!

There’s a lot of stuff going on with all of the projects and things will take up even more from here. Looking forward to all of that and new opportunities that may come in my way. Playing drums professionally and getting to play with all those different people is awesome and there’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I will post all the new stuff here as soon as I have them.

Rock n’ Roll!

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Waving goodbye to ’13 & welcome the ’14

Hello my dear friends!

I haven’t been able to write for a while.. Last months have been really busy, but at the same time a lot of cool stuff has happened.

Maybe a quick mention of some of the stuff I’ve been up to.

In November I had shows, podcasts & a videoshoot with Dream Alive. The music video is almost done and we’re all anxiously waiting to see the outcome.
The guys have spent the last month to record all the final tracks for the new EP they’re looking to release early ’14, so it’s definitely something to look out for.

With Steve Smith, I had my first show yet. It was a lot of fun!
A big shoutout to James Zota Baker! – Always a pleasure to play with you!


Also booked the first show with Eric Stern, but that will take place in February!

With my infinite family of bands, I joined another one – Rooftop Revolutionaries(.com)
After 3 weeks of rehearsing with them, I had the first show, which was an acoustic, but show non the less.
Right about that time they shot their new music video as well, which should be cool :)

Rooftop R. Live@Fake Gallery (13.12.13) 1

Rooftop videoshoot (13.12.13) 3

RADIC is currently looking for a singer. We’re in the process of auditioning and we’re quite excited about it. Hopefully new year will bring us one 😛

I have a couple of other projects in the line as well, but it’s a bit too soon to say how it’s gonna go down :)

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been in Estonia to enjoy the Holidays AND do some work with my oldest band, Silverstique.
I had my last show of the year with them on the 27th and it was great!

As a new concept I tried out an idea for a drum-set that I’ve had for a while.. Here are some pictures from the rehearsal spot where I set it up. See what you think of it:

Frankenstein drumset 2

Frankenstein drumset 6

Played the show with it and it felt great!

Hopefully I’ll have some footage from the show in a few days as well :)

This weekend we’re gonna shoot a music video for Silverstique’s new single “Feel So Bad” – can’t wait.

This is the time to charge your batteries and start the new year with new energy. Looking forward to continue working with all my current bands and also find new projects. Seems like a good year to try new things and rock really hard!

Happy New Year to You all!


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