Live Drums for Your Music!

Getting great sounding Live Drums on your song, EP or a full album could not be easier and I have the means to do it for You.
The whole process is simple, effective and affordable. All you have to do is send over your material, your special requests and you’ll have your killer drum-track in no time.

What Is It About?

There are so many bands and artists out there looking for the best way to record their music and almost always on a budget. Having Live Drums on your track is in most cases very sought after element, but studio-time is rather expensive and hard to get.

That’s where I come in – I’m able record at a dampened room with a selection of quality gear which inevitably keeps the cost very reasonable and accessible.
Considering it’s not a full-blown studio, the quality of the recordings I’m able to get there is of professional standard which makes it a great deal.

There are quite a lot of customisation options for all kinds of artists/bands, genres, sounds and instrumentation to get it just right for Your track.
Each project is unique and I will make sure we’ll find the best solution for You.

I will take care of everything recording wise and if requested I can also do a little pre-mixing for the drum-tracks.

I mainly use my DW Collectors drum-kit and set of Meinl cymbals for the majority of the music I play and it sounds absolutely killer!
However, if you have some specific ideas and wishes, it’s no problem to find solutions for those either.

I am also able to do percussion work for music that doesn’t require full drum-kit or just needs a little extra flavour.

I can provide a more detailed overview of the equipment options upon request :)

How Do We Get Started?

Very simple, just send me an email [ ] with the questions, ideas, requests of what you would like to have and I’ll give you all the specifics on how we go about it.

…Get your drum-tracks without leaving home :)