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Hey everyone!

These past couple of weeks have been really exciting and busy so I thought I’d post about that here as well.

If you haven’t checked out my “GIGS” section then you should definitely do that.
A LOT of great shows are coming up with different bands and I could not be more excited about all of them!

About a week ago I had a great show with DREAM ALIVE at the House Of Blues main stage. It was one of the best shows I’ve played with this band. The sound happened to be very good on stage that night and it just made it that much more enjoyable to play.
They’ve been inquiring for a show on 28th April at the House Of Blues: Foundation Room, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Will put it on my “GIGS” page as soon as it clears.
The first mixes of the new recordings have been coming in as well, so releasing the new EP is getting closer and closer.

Dream Alive @ House of Blues (2014)

Tomorrow I have a show with STEVE SMITH BAND at the HoB: Foundation Room. We start playing at 9pm I believe and it should be a fun night.
I’ve mentioned it before here, but it’s worth repeating it.. James Zota Baker is on the guitar and Brad “Woody” Smith on bass.
Playing with such talented and seasoned professionals is just pure joy.


RADIO TEST FIRE has also a couple of shows coming up in the Valley. Great songwriting, vocal harmonies, instrumental parts… Feels good to play and it’s definitely a great music to listen to! Come check us out when you get a chance!

My Estonian band SILVERSTIQUE is still on the way releasing their new Single “Feel So Bad”. The single will be released with a brand new video, so we’re all very excited about that. We got the song mastered last week and it sounds great. Just need to do some final touches on the video and it’s gonna be up in no time!
Keep your eyes open for that!

ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES is playing a show at the House Of Blues main stage THIS Sunday the 16th! It is also the bands new music video premiere!
It’s a FREE show, so hit me up for tickets – No Excuses!


Our bass player of RADIC, Will Weiner, has successfully finished his Tour with Symmetry and is back in LA. We have started the process of finishing up and recording 6 brand new songs.
Helen Leetsar of Silverstique is gonna help us out with recording the Vocals and after that it’s only a matter of time before we will be out gigging! Can’t wait.

April is an extremely exciting month for TIJUANA BULLFIGHT. I will be going on Tour with them. It’s a total of 11 days, but we’re planning on covering quite a bit of ground.
The exact times and places are yet to be announced, but the dates are set so keep checking either my site or the bands site to see where and when you can come see us play!

And the latest news is about WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN. I played a couple of shows with them late last year. They’ve been busy recording and setting up new material to get ready for a whole new set of show dates and they’re looking to book a tour after those. Due to other obligations I wasn’t able to go into studio with them, but I’m super happy to say I will be playing with them live again. The first show is set on 10th April at the Whisky A GoGo.
One of the bigger shows is going to be 17th May where WOATTS is going to open for VOLTO featuring Danny Carey (TOOL) on drums.
As with other bands and shows, keep looking at the “GIGS” page to find out the dates and places.


I’m glad to say that the schedule is nice and busy. I’m able to play with all these great musicians and it’s only forward from here!
Not bad… Not bad at all 😉

Rock N’ Roll!

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